FastVersion is a Qgis plugin for data versioning, user security and project management using Postgres(Postgis) database.

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The system allows to create versions, execute post, import users, create projects by user(multiple styles can be stored in dabase), administrate permissions by user and version owner.

  • This plugin provides data versioning to tables with geometry stored in postgis.
  • Provides security and project management.
  • It is possible carry out the processes of “post” from one version to another, with conflict resolution functionality.
  • The system uses algorithms and data structures so that information is not duplicated each time a version is created.
  • Uses a client-server architecture

Concept of "Version"

A version (Trunk Version, Alternative Version or Sub alternative Version) is analogous to a paper plane on which geometric elements supported by postgis can be inserted, deleted and modified, which do not affect in any way, any other Version.

The concept of Version is analogous to the concept that has of drawing in a plane of paper. The creation of a version is analogous to the process of making a photocopy of the parent version. But once the photocopy is created the modifications in the original are NOT transferred to the copy and vice versa.

The only way to transfer the changes between two different versions, is through the "POST" function.

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Data Versioning in Qgis:

A Free and Open Source Geographic Information System

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It works with a free and Open Source database server, storing everything, from version to projects.

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Centralized, version security administration:

Centralized in one Database.

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